Laura Kudritzki PHOTOGRAPHY

1015 Howard St.  San Francisco, Ca. 94103

My name is Laura Kudritzki and I am a photographer born in Germany and raised in California, now living in the rustic surfing town of Bolinas, CA with my three daughters. I travel often and work in my San Francisco studio or on location. 

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There is a popular idea that beauty is young, strong, and invulnerable. Where every molecule is assembled just right, and in that moment it should come together to assemble idyllic perfection. In the world that I see and feel, nothing can be farther from the truth.There is an old poet who once wrote “Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all” and this speaks to me. Truth can be uncomfortable, difficult, awkward, courageous, tragic,precious and often inspiring. If I can see something that is nothing other than true to itself, no cause to impress, nothing to prove, then that is what I hope to capture and share. To give that moment of raw honesty away for the viewing of others is what helps give me purpose and validates me artistically. It can transform things. It turns tragedy to compassion, the average to the extraordinary, it can show the richness of poverty, the frailty of strength and that within everything there is beauty in truth.

Laura Kudritzki Photography
1015 Howard St.SF, CA 94103

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